Overview of CYSEC NG

Cyber Security Challenge Nigeria (CYSEC NG) is the first, and largest offensive premier Cyber Conference and Hacking event in Africa. Our non-profit initiative is sponsored and supported by government agencies and industry partner organisations aims to provide

an all-encompassing platform for IT security in Nigeria and the rest of the world. It attempts to Identifying Nigeria’s next generation of cyber security professionals, connecting Nigeria’s best and brightest to the cyber security industry and to create greater awareness on the imminent threat of cybercrime faced by all stakeholders; in so doing, get more people involved in the process of thinking, working, and paying greater attention to national and global Cyber security trends and challenges.


Be a Part of Nigeria’s and Africa’s ONLY Premier Hacking & Offensive Cyber Security Challenge Conference. CYSEC NG is bringing you a one-of-a-kind event that will show you the State of security from a unique perspective – The Hacker’s Viewpoint.

“In order to beat a hacker, you have to think like one” and “if you don’t understand the enemy, how can you protect against him/her?”

In addition to witnessing real-world hacks, experts will tackle a variety of specialized topics as you discover the latest vulnerabilities, the most powerful exploits and current security threats at this cutting-edge, two day conference.

CYSEC NG brings together numerous cyber security experts, high calibre speakers, senior officials and policy-makers from across the public sector and industry areas across the globe which provides the opportunity and environment for Academicians, CIOs, CEOs, Industry Leaders, Managers, Government Officials and Professionals to exchange ideas on industry trends, challenges, best practices and to witness the latest attacks, techniques, tactics and practices of today’s hackers in the infosec community. Plus, gain insight and understanding into ways to effectively protect yourself and critical data so you can implement this information immediately when you return to your business.

In the process, a consensus will be arrived at which will chart the path to short and long term cyber security solutions as well as guarantee the future technical and bureaucratic ability of cyber security professionals in Nigeria. 

Mission Highlights

  1.  Identifying and developing cyber security talent to meet the country’s critical cyber security workforce needs by connecting the nation’s brightest minds to cyber security industry leaders.
  2. To  bring  IT stakeholders together  to  share  knowledge,   experiences  while  encouraging  partnership  through  dialogue.
  3. To create and maintain a respectable position among major  policy  makers,  national and international  bodies,  developmental  investors,  academia, research institutes,  development  partners  and relevant  governmental  and  non -governmental organizations;   with  a  view  of  achieving  a  coordinated  effort  amongst  them  towards  the realization  of the ICT sector’s  growth  potentials and its major contribution  to the success  of the nation’s transformation plan.
  4. Promote local developments and innovations in I.T by providing a platform to demonstrate local talent, expertise, know-how, and exportability of potentials that are available within Nigeria in line with the Nation’s goals and objectives.
  5. Sensitize Nigerians at the event on the potential applications of ICT technology as a whole for effective business, individual and national development solutions.


Key Components of CYSEC NG

Hacking Challenge for the Ultimate CYSECA

The hacking competition will consist of challenges that include password-cracking and code-breaking, web security, reverse engineering, cryptography, penetration testing, binary exploitation and forensics etc.

Software Exhibition

CYSEC NG provides the opportunity for software developers and programmers to exhibit their software applications developed in Nigeria and services. Developers of software applications which can be channelled towards innovation and National Development will be selected and identified for further investment opportunities. Governing body made up of experts from industries and academicians will be on ground to provide guidance, conduct the cyber security challenge and determine viable developed software applications by the contestants/exhibitors.

Cyber Security Training

At Cyber Security Challenge Nigeria, we offer cyber certifications, practical workshops, cyber assurance and cyber defence trainings for participants. In a supportive, hands-on learning, training modules, our public, private and bespoke training courses meet the needs of individuals, employers, enterprise and the government.

CYSEC NG provides Cyber Labs, where companies can simulate real-life cyber attacks on their infrastructure, helping them to detect, prevent & combat breaches without risking their own network.

This year's cyber conference and hacking challenge theme is entitled "Building An Effective Cyber Protection Team for National Security" and is set to bring together numerous cyber security experts, Government agencies, vendors, senior officials, OEMs, CIOs, InfoSec geeks, network admins, hackers, penetration testers, forensic engineers, policy makers from across Nigeria and beyond to identify and discuss the ever changing challenges of Cyber security and share best practice strategies to effectively combat them. In the process a consensus will be arrived at which will chart the path to short and long term cyber security solutions as well as guarantee the future technical and bureaucratic ability of cyber security professionals in Nigeria.



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